About ImmunoBiochem Corporation

Immunobiochem Corporation is a biotechnology company committed to addressing unmet medical need in oncology through research and development of novel, targeted biological therapeutics. ImmunoBiochem is based at JLABS @ Toronto (Johnson & Johnson Innovation), and is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, drawing on the vast expertise of cancer researchers and clinicians located in the biomedical hub of downtown Toronto.

ImmunoBiochem has pioneered a proprietary technology to address the challenges of cancer heterogeneity and tumor penetration by biologics in solid tumors with its tumor microenvironment-targeted potentiated antibodies. ImmunoBiochem's biologics are aimed at targets amplified in the secretomes of cancer cells that enable selective and efficacious delivery of payloads in tumor cells, immune cells and tumor-supporting stroma within the tumor microenvironment. ImmunoBiochem is able to deliver novel immunomodulatory payloads to a variety of cell types within the tumor in a highly selective fashion, pioneering a next-generation strategy for the delivery of innate immune system modulators.